About ChamberLab

ChamberLab is an alt-classical, D.I.Y. chamber music concert series in Tucson, Arizona, bringing new concert music to different audiences, in strange venues, and from unlikely sources. Where classical music tends to keep to itself, with its own musicians, its own composers, its own audiences — even its own concert halls — we do things differently.

Beginning as a one-off concert at the Screening Room in 2010, and resuming as a series in 2012, ChamberLab has since put on more than a dozen performances in such diverse venues as the Fox Theatre, the Rialto Theater, the Hotel Congress, and even 5 Points Market.

ChamberLab composers are members of Tucson’s thriving live music scene, with a hidden composerly bent to put pen to paper, writing new music for classically trained musicians in a range of ensembles, from string quartets, to bassoon trios, to brass and percussion, to other more unusual arrangements.

ChamberLab also reaches across boundaries of medium in unique performances combining a variety of disciplines. We have composed music for silent film and performed it live in the pit while the film played above our heads. We’ve composed new music inspired by the paintings of muralist Joe Pagac, who then created new paintings inspired by our music, live, on stage, during the performance, while hearing the music for the first time. We’ve even collaborated with the University of Arizona’s Lunar and Space Laboratory and Tucson’s Flam Chen New Circus and Fire Theatre as a part of the Bennuval celebration in honor of the one-year countdown to the launch of Osiris Rex, on its way to the asteroid known as Bennu.

Our mission: Bring music to music lovers wherever they may be found, thanks to the support of a generous and engaged community. If you would like to become a part of that community, we’d be grateful for your support. Please click here to learn what you can do to help us grow and continue our good work, and thank you.