Brass & Percussion

Chamberlab_20140228_06ChamberLab VIII, featuring music for brass and percussion ensemble, was held on Friday, February 28th, 2014, at the beautiful Rialto Theatre in Downtown Tucson, Arizona.

New music was composed by Chris Black, Dante Rosano, Tony Rosano, Marco Rosano, Benjamin DeGain, Jeff Grubic, and Jimmy Carr. It was performed by Jason Carder and Byron Yount (trumpets), Mike Solorio and Steve Gamble (trombone and bass trombone), David LeGendre (tuba), Seth Vietti and Paul Gibson (percussion), and many of the composers as well. AJ Glesinger showed up as the “Secret Weapon” (i.e. she tap danced, and it was great).

AZ Public Media was there, in the form of Luis Carrión, Santiago Batti, and Andrew Brown. They recorded the following video short feature and audio of the whole concert (which was mastered by Jim Blackwood).

“Then Something Happened” by Dante Rosano
“Banda sin Load” by Jeff Grubic
“Under” by Chris Black
“Bowling for Soccer Trophies” by Tony Rosano
Untitled by Benjamin DeGain
“The Birth Lottery” by Marco Rosano
“The Klunky Lover” by Jimmy Carr
“Major Wager” by Dante Rosano

The photos below were taken by Ce Elliott and Shelly Flores.